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What do I do?

We live in a digital age. With the power of information at our fingertips and online shopping taking over the retail industry, an effective website is an integral part of success. Without a top notch apps, you’re likely missing out on potential sales.
Is your site a little outdated? Does it scream 2008? Well a lot has changed since then. Let me help you revamp your site to make it cleaner, modern, and mobile friendly. I will create something that seamlessly bridges the online gap between you and your customers using WordPress & WooCommerce.
Google adwords services are services that I provide specifically to help SMEs and Companies in Indonesia to achieve the desired business goals. There are many advantages if you use the advertising services provided by Google. Hundreds of millions of people use this search engine, imagine how many people can see your ad every day?

Who am I?

I have more than 8 years of experience as a full-stack web developer with experience building internal web-based tools, websites, developing Rest API, maintaining web services, and also developing hybrid mobile applications that help my clients develop and grow their business in the digital world.
“Web development is difficult, only then it is fun to do. You just have to set your standards. If it were to be easy, would anyone do it?”